About Me

Julie Sands – now a woman of eclectic style and business interests could have taken a very different road in life. Julie is a successful top-producing Realtor, investor, best-selling author, speaker, coach and founder of “Shake It Up Now,” a personal and business transformation company.

Using the fuel provided by the choices her father made after returning home from Vietnam with PTSD; turning to crime and heroin addiction as his coping mechanisms, Julie could have easily become what she was living. Instead, she decided at an early age to not become a statistic, but instead turn pain into power.

This dynamic woman knew that her own rise to a triumphant, successful and vibrant life should not be kept to herself. “Juju” as her friends know her, shared her self-taught coping skills and business acumen first with young women as a mentor, and went on to launch her “Shake It Up Now” business, to coach not only Realtors, but other professionals in achieving excellence through implementing systems and strategies and applying personal integrity in everything in life from our own friendships, through deep meaningful connections with clients.

In her first book, “War Dad,” Julie eloquently portrayed her journey of intense challenges with her Father’s choices while maintaining her deep love for him. Julie’s latest book, “Hey, Real Estate Lady, Are You Rich Yet?” is a fun and enthusiastic business handbook not just for Real Estate Brokers. Anyone in the business world can benefit from learning more about Julie’s best business practices and passionate approach to daily life.

Julie continues to embody the strength of the human spirit. Within each of us lies the tools to thrive and excel. Our personal successes are found in the choices that we make to take our painful experiences and from that pain, create our own triumphant life.

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