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Julie Sands Featured in the Anthology – Extraordinary Lives: Stories of Triumph and Inspiration

Julie Sands is an award winning real estate agent, public speaker, investor, coach, best-selling author, and CEO and founder of “Shake it Up Now!”, a personal and business transformation company. Julie wrote a chapter in the new best-selling anthology, “Extraordinary Lives”, titled “When Pigs Fly” in which she reminds readers to “never say never”. By doing so, you limit your possibilities, and she is living proof that dreams do come true!

She is joined by people just like you that have a message to share. Each one will touch your heart and show you that you’re not alone in your journey, and also inspire you to take action. The contributing authors include: Kathy Kidd, Julie Sands, Latia Vaughan “The Dream Pusher”, Dorissa McCalister-Carnell, Gary Schwary, Sandi Lynn, Donna Jones-Holas, Mosetanola (Moshay) Akala, Dr. Deena C. Brown, and Candace Lauren. The foreword was written by International Best Selling Author Susie Carder and a special testimonial for the book was written by Lisa Nichols, the founder and CEO of Motivating the Masses, Inc.

The short stories in this anthology are meant to inspire readers and show them that tragedy or hardship doesn’t last forever. There is a light at the end of the tunnel and it is brilliant.

“You never know what is around the corner for you in your life!” – Julie Sands

Julie Sands is an eclectic businesswoman with an interesting array of expertise. She is the author of “War Dad,” an investor, speaker, consultant, coach, Realtor and founder of “Shake it Up Now!” a personal and business transformation company.

With over thirty years in real estate, Julie has been a top producing Realtor; achieving multiple accolades within the industry. Julie also applied her passion for success and tenacity for excellence to own and operate a well-known franchise restaurant. In her newest book, “Hey, Real Estate Lady, are you rich yet?” Julie talks about the importance of strategies and systems. She teaches how to first, land a listing, and then, get it sold.

Along with having an innate business savvy, Julie feels the keys to longevity in the real estate industry lie with strong connections to your clients, stable relationships, and personal integrity. When many real estate professionals had to leave their commission-based businesses behind during the recession, Julie thrived. She not only thrived but became a top producer in the worst market the world had ever seen. Julie is passionate about real estate and is ready to teach you her secrets to being a money-making machine in real estate. She has been the inspiration to many of women and you too will find her enthusiasm contagious.

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