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Best-Selling Titles by Julie Sands


War Dad

A riveting, real and emotional memoir of events in life that could have Julie in ruins.

Even though her father returned from the Vietnam War alive, Juju Sands considers him a casualty of the war. In this memoir, Sands recounts her life as a war daughter and narrates the damage inflicted on her as a result of her father’s addictions and abuses. But more than a story of sadness, it is one of hope for others who suffer from the negative effects of war. Captivating and emotional, War Dad describes the destruction of one girl’s spirit and self-esteem as her father battled with alcohol and heroin addiction, domestic abuse, crime, and prison. She recounts the events that could have taken her over the edge to a life of self-destruction. But she also stresses how she rose above the situation to choose to live a better life. An estimated 300,000 soldiers suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder. War Dad sheds light on not only the plight of these soldiers, but also demonstrates the harmful effects on their families, spouses, and children.

Hey Real Estate Lady Are You Rich Yet?

In this short read, female real estate agents with a genuine desire to be successful as a Real Estate Agent and hard working women or single moms who are aspiring to be one get the inside scoop on what it takes.. Julie Sands, one of the highest ranked real estate sales professionals in the country, shares her 30-year journey to success; from knocking on 1000 doors and month consistently just to get a listing, to what it took to become a top Real Estate Agent.

Learn from Julie some of the key strategies you need to use based on her own experience and the experiences of other successful women Realtors.
Nothing’s easy in this field unless you possess the right knowledge and skills to do it. In this book you’ll find everything you need to become the Real Estate Lady and make the kind of money you dreamed you would.

Extraordinary Lives: Stories of Triumph and Inspiration

(Julie Sands is featured)

Extraordinary Lives is a compilation of short stories of triumph and inspiration, from people just like you. Each one will touch your heart, let you know you’re not alone in your journey and inspire you to take action.
With Contributions from extraordinary people including: Kathy Kidd, Julie Sands, Latia Vaughan “The Dream Pusher”, Dorissa McCalister-Carnell, Gary Schwary, Sandi Lynn, Donna Jones-Holas, Mosetanola (Moshay) Akala, Dr. Deena C. Brown, Candace Lauren

Foreword by International Best Selling Author Susie Carder
And a special testimonial for the book written by Lisa Nichols founder and CEO of Motivating the Masses, Inc

” It’s my heart’s desire that this book will stir your soul, inspire you, let you see that your own extraordinary stories have value and should be shared with the world! Your story matters. Make it a good one!” ~Kathy Kidd

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