Real People with Real Things to Say!

“I read this book and instantly felt such a connection to this author. Having gone through trauma as a child myself I kept quiet about horrible things that were happening. When I became an adult and realized that I am a good person, that I need to let go of the past and I have so much to offer myself and those I love, I was able to overcome and move forward. That lead to meeting the man that would become my amazing husband and a life filled with all the happiness I deserve!

The book was spiritual in a subtle way and I soaked up each word! It is a touching book that gives people so much hope… a must read.”

Stacy N.

“Juju, well I finished reading your book. OMG! What a life you had as a kid growing up. As I read each chapter, my eyes would get all teary. I am so PROUD that you have overcome and that you can now share your story to help others out. Once again, CONGRATS on your book. I REALLY DID ENJOY READING IT.”

Angie S.

“Loved your you tube video. You are gorgeous inside and out. I too am a trauma survivor at the hands of an alcoholic father and drug addicted mother and paralytic polio at age 5 but so blessed because like you I would not let myself wither (although I came close 5 years ago). But I’m back and like you better than ever. Here’s to health, wholeness and knowing that we are Divine and blessed with grace.”

Mary M.

“Just watched your sermon and I’ve really got to say; you inspire me and I want to thank you♥!”

Adriana E.

“You can make your dreams come true and you can be amazing.” Wise words from my friend Juju Sands in this terrific video about life with a PTSD heroin addict dad — and how she’s transformed herself despite the sadness in her past.”

Michele R.

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